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Temple Run 2 is released on Android platform and the Current ratings of this game are 4.6/5, which means people are liking Temple Run 2 | Android very much. Graphics are really amazing and for sure this version of Temple Run is better than the previous version. I love how this one makes you feel like you are in the game. This game is truly a must and has loads of added new features. Now the sad part, the game has become too much based around things like buying coins with real money or getting rewards for liking and following iMangi. This really takes away from the gameplay. One other thing, there's too much going on, they are trying to cram too much into one simple game. In the update it should become more simpler and take a lesson from the original Temple Run and make the main focus the game.

New Features In Temple Run 2:
* Beautiful new graphics
* New obstacles
* Gorgeous new organic environments
* More powerups
* More achievements
* Special powers for each character


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